Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Short position covered on BTP, new short opened on Bund

I covered all my short position on the BTP H13 at 109 , for a total profit of 4.73 figures ( 5 figure gain from the very first short at 114 and a 0.27 loss deriving from today's short ). BTP was in recovering mood today, pushed up by a good Italian auction in the morning. It remains on my watch list.
The Bund H3 has run so much that I couldn't contain myself , I had to short it again : the rally raging on the US stock market is a pushover. So here I am with one contract short from R1 ( 145.21 ). First target : the pivot at 144.82 and then 143.50  No stop or edging required since I  still have a long on the Bobl in portfolio.

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