Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bonds rebound: Bund H13 covered at 141.59

The Stock Market is taking a technical respite and so the Bonds are recovering some ground. Yesterday at the close I decided to go over with my last short on the Bund H13 and contestually I bought 1 Bobl H13 at 125.50 as partial edge. Today the Bund has opened and have been strong all the morning long and then fell down to its pivot with the US indexes up in open. There , at 141.59 , 3 ticks above today's pivot, I covered the short , for a meagre 5 ticks profit , because I started to see new selling pressure mounting on the S&P500.  At the same time I sold the Bobl H13 long at 125.55 , one tick below today's R1.
I am considering a new short around the 142 mark , if I see a sign that the rally on the stock market is on again.
I keep going on with 2  short on Bund H13 , at average price 145.65 , and one long on BOBL H13 from 127.26.

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