Friday, 9 November 2012

KC Z12H13 : into the action

Always trading the ICE KC Dec12Mar13 calendar spread . I bought 2 KC Z12H13 at -5.50 and -5.55 and they are in offer at -5.35 and -5.25 . I am bidding also at -5.70 and -5.75. The roll-over is in full action , the first notice day is the 21th of November , so we still have got some time before passing over to the KC H13K13.

Update: My sell orders at -5.35 and -5.25 got filled . Profit: 45c , minus 10c for the commissions. Now I am long the spread with 3 contracts from -5.05. I'll try and sell one of the three at -5.00 if possible. KC Z12 has found a very good support area around 150, as predicted. The sell pressure is still strong anyway.

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