Thursday, 8 November 2012

Frantic trading on the KC fronth calendar spread

I am frantically trading the ICE KC Z12H13 calendar spread for the volatility is sky-high here today. I sold two of the earlier 3 longs at -5.10 and -5.05 , then the spread went back and I have been filled at -5.45 and -5.50. In a matter of second I sold one of them at -5.35 , the other sell order is pending at -5.30 . I will buy again at -5.50. This is mental , but it's Coffee baby !

Update:  My sell order at -5.30 has been filled. To follow I went long again at -5.50 and I sold that spread at -3.35. Summing up : 75c has been my profit  , less 30c for the commissions. I am now with 3 KC Z12H13 longs in portfolio, at average price -4.95 and still chasing this particular madness.

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